Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 new things for New Year!

1) I should probably start wearing socks.

2) I should TRY to learn to switch off lights and heaters when leaving a room

3) I will learn how to get to Gurgaon without using the driver.

4) I will learn how to get to Noida, and find my way around the place.

5) I will learn how to whistle.

6) I'll tryyy not to spend my pre-paid money on one week....I think I wait...I'll see.

7) I WILL THINK BEFORE I ACT. (this should be number one!!!!!!!!!)

8) i will learn how to draw a cat

9) I'll try to learn how to skate.

10) I will not panic in idiotic situations. for eg. if I don't have a tag at the airport.

New Year at the threshold

so 2009 said bye to me yesterday at 11:59, and I waved it away sorrowfully.
2009 had been the changing year in my life.
the year I left school and started college
painful at first, but easier later
it changed my thoughts.
that there were people who made you doubt humanity.
there were people who made you wonder how you could doubt humanity
i saw the extent of how low people could go
and i saw the lengths which some travelled to get you to smile
what seems so perfect, never is.
what you advise others
you need to follow it too.
i found that
friendships became more stable
there were friends who i wanted to hold close
there were those who I didn't.
people changed, I changed
maybe I understood myself better
2009 was a bittersweet year.
maybe thats why I was sorrowful when I waved it goodbye.
what will 2010 bring?
perhaps it is the one year which would stand out in my life.

New Moon with Pragya

So Pragya and I decided to watch this sensational movie called 'New Moon' together. It is part of the condemned Edward Cullen-Twilight Saga. Shockingly, I like the movies more than I like the books. Heck, I hate the books. I could burn the books and start a mad bonfire dance around them.
Coming back to the point, Pragya and I met at Citywalk to watch the movie. We caught the last show, on the last day. So we grabbed two tickets, and then went to buy food. We, being hungry little beasts ordered popcorn, cokes and hot dogs. The sleepy cashier at first said that it was Rs. 110. Just as I was about to pay, the cashier came to his senses and said, "No, sorry, no it is Rs. 510!!!!!!" For a while, Pragya and I stared rather blankly. I recovered my powers of speech, and I almost felt like emptying the entire tray on his head. Well, if it astounds you....we bought it all for Rs. 510.
There weren't many people for New Moon. However, the few that were there created enough racket for many. There were some highly shrieky girls whose shrieks could be heard all over the theatre, making Pragya and me exchange exasperated glances.
We walked inside the hall, and found that our two seats were separate and on the side. Talk about royal treatment!
So the various advertisements started. And then the movie started.
Let me explain a little about Pragya. She adores the actor who plays Edward Cullen. I detested the guy in the first movie, because I just couldn't stand the whitewashed face and dark lipstick. Anyway, coming back to Pragya, she gets highly emotional during a Twilight movie, and sometimes you feel like not watching the movie and just seeing her to see if she'll cry. Initially, I thought that I was the wrong-est person for these kind of movies. Till I saw certain scenes in New Moon.
When Edward Cullen entered, oh the typical wind blowing and the 'walk-the-walk' attitude, I heard a small gasp next to me. I turned and saw Pragya with her hands clasped and her eyes round like UFO saucers. I smiled, and continued watching. Sure, he did look cute. But not over-amazingly hot...yet.
Then I realized what Shine, Pragya and many other girls had been saying all along.
When Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) walked in wearing a black suit, I choked on my popcorn. My jaw dropped several inches and my hands clenched the seat. He....was....just...WOW.
You can imagine Pragya's condition at this instant. Next to me, I could hear soft murmurs of 'he's...beautiful. just so beautiful.'
The movie went on. Edward left tragic damsel Bella who goes crazy and tries to kill herself in all sorts of interesting ways. Well, to be fair I did get rather choky when he left her. It was a nicely done scene. Pragya by this time, had covered her mouth. I'm sure if she had the opportunity, she would have cried tears of blood :D
La la la. Bella finally befriended the friendly werewolf Jacob who obviously fell in love with her, and she of course couldn't return his affection because she was crazy about the vampire.
Pragya had a dreamy long-lost look in her eyes when she saw the werewolf scenes. Thank god she agreed with me that Taylor Lautner (Jacob) did not look hot with or without the t-shirt.
Then came the climax of the movie.
There was a scene which really hit me hard on the head. That is when Bella reunites with Edward. When she started running towards Edward, I involountarily clutched Pragya's hand. Pragya was too emotional by this time. Unfortunatelty, her act of putting her hand on her mouth and crying was restricted because I was clutching her hand. In my numb subconscious, I could feel her desperately trying to use her hand. However I didn't let go, and then she gave up.
When Bella ran towards Edward and gave him the glorious kiss, Pragya, with inhuman strength threw my hand away and she put both hands on her mouth and gave a gasp of wonder.
Later on, after the movie both of us practically collapsed with laughter. Pragya had really wanted to cover her mouth and gasp her usual way but unfortunately I hadn't let her. Finally the moment beckoned, and she had the strength to fully enjoy the scene.
New Moon...well wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Though...I still say that Taylor Lautner is not hot...neither is Robert Pattinson. He is just amazing in three scenes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Noida revisited-Part 2

In Shine's words, I was staring at Noida as if it was a whole new world. I don't deny that. I was staring at everything and everybody with a wonder of a two-year old.
So we jumped over ditches, walked around mountains of sand, crossed roads and TADAAAA, we ended up at the Great India Place (i think that's the name...not too sure!)
The mall had beautiful christmassy decorations. I love anything christmassy. There were decorations on the ceiling which made me walk a few paces with eyes on the ceiling almost making me trip on the escalator, there were decorations on each floor as well. The red and green made me feel as if I was in one of Enid Blyton's christmas tales.
We walked around each floor twice, as Shine being Shine wanted to see everything before sitting down. While walking around, Shine gave Abhi an Arsenal jersey. Truly, it must have taken a lot of self-control from Abhi's side not to jump over the staircase railings with mad joy :P I gave Shine a pair of earrings and a necklace which had interesting eyes on it. The logic behind this gift was to say "I am watching you!"... it also meant "I'm there for you." Either way, both seemed like threats :D
The good thing about having two best friends is, that they know you inside out. So half an hour of walking, both guessed that I was rather hungry. Abhi caught me looking rather longingly at the 'Mad Over Doughnuts', and insisted that if I wanted, I should have one. At first I refused saying no, I will eat later. Well hunger is an evil mechanism. It shows on your face. So Shine shook her head and said, "Just take her to the doughnut shop. She'll take one."
This is what happens if people know you inside out!!
So I went there, and bought myself a 'choco bomb' doughnut. While we were walking out of the food court, Shine turned to tell me to find a place where I could sit peacefully and eat, when she saw that I had devoured the doughnut. She was stunned by my speed, to say the least.
We sat in Nirulas, where we talked about practically everything under the sun, from naming cats to politics. For every person who walked by carrying a schoolbag or who looked remotely above the age of sixteen, Shine would nudge Abhi and ask whether they were from his college. Sometimes she was right...and for the rest of the time she was wrong :P
We were initially meant to leave at 4:00, but none of us felt like leaving. Despite the fact that Abhi had a plane to catch that evening. We left by 4:30, after finding out that Abhi would be travelling to the airport in royal style-in an indica. Which could cost a bomb. The poor guy just wanted a simple black and white taxi.
One of the infinite things I loved about the day was when we were walking up the staircase to get to our train, we kept looking back to say bye to Abhi who didn't leave till we were out of sight.
Again, it was one of the best days of my life and I loved each and every minute of it. As long as you're with you're two best friends, you know everything will be okay.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Noida revisited-Part 1

So finally, after two months of exams and pressure, I got to meet my two best friends. The process was laborious, considering the fact that both of them lived in two ends of Delhi.
Well I just had to reach Connaught Place by 10:30 and wait for Shine to turn up so that both of us could go together to Noida to visit Abhi. So I reached at the allotted time, thanks to Shine's professional message. 'Be there at 10:30 please.'
I must have looked quite odd. Imagine you're strolling through CP and you see a girl wearing a black shawl with hideous flowers (not my fault, this is the only shawl I have!) sitting on the side steps with clearly half-bitten shoes.
10:30 came and went. Unfortunately, I have high anxiety levels. So every 5 minutes I started hammering Shine with calls. I must say she had oodles of patience, because everytime she answered my call with, "don't worry. I'll be there. soon."
Then while i was in my nervous state, she told me to buy myself a token and wait for her at the station. Not the best advice, as I know myself very well I tend to lose my head. But then I kept calm. So I just had to buy a token. Big deal. And wait for her at the station. Pfft.
Then I realized she was coming by metro too, and I had to catch the same metro she was in.
Five seconds of fear. What if I jumped on the metro and reached Noida without her?
Still I decided to keep cool. So as each train went by, she got a call each time. Then in one of the million calls, she said, "Yes...I'm reaching in 5 minutes!"
A train whizzed in five minutes later. Was she on it? Was she not?
I was still learning to keep cool.
Then I saw Madame coolly strolling on the platform as if she was in a plaza. I shook my head. Maybe I should learn how NOT to get panicky unnecessarily. We got on the train together. Typically, we didn't get a seat so we had to hang on to the rings. And if I haven't mentioned, we weren't even sure whether we were on the right train. Shine tried calling Abhi, and of course our luck she couldn't hear a thing he was saying.
Half-way through the journey we realized we were in the right train. The next part was tricky. We had to switch lines. I had already begun cursing Abhi under my breath for studying in such an inaccessible place like Noida.
Again we weren't sure whether it was right. Shine seemed rather cheerful about the whole thing, she had a we-will-get-there-sooner-or-later attitude and that spread to me as well.
We were on the right track. Unfortunate thing was, that we still couldn't hear Abhi's voice. I guessed that he was in an auto.
We reached the right station twenty minutes later. Shine phoned Abhi who said he was waiting near the entrance.
See that's a horrible thing about metro stations. There are million exits and entrances. so Abhi explained in great detail which exit to take. So we found that, and the next hurdle awaited us. Sorry, it awaited me.
I had bought two tokens. One for me, and one for Shine...out of some crazy generosity and knowing quite well she didn't need one. I tried using one token on the machine to let me pass. The red cross appeared. I swear I wanted to thrash the machine. The security guard looked rather excited. After letting many people pass by, for the first time in his boring life someone couldn't get through. Hmmmm, this girl with the bitten slippers seemed fishy.
Shine didn't have to use the token, she got through with a card. So i tried using the token which I got for her. Didn't work either. Seriously, the officer looked close to jumping with joy at the thought of some action. He enquired, and after what seemed like hundred questions enough to fill a CBSE examination paper, he took me to the token booth. Not much required, I just had to wait ten minutes and pay a rather exhorbitant fine of Rs. 57. I don't know why that number specifically!
And I could finally return victorious to my best friends. Abhi had the expression of someone who had expected nothing less from me.
well the day was still young :D

The Waves

away from everyone,
away from herself perhaps
she stood.
close to the dark sea
close to its absorbing blue
she stood.
she thought, she pondered
she wondered
whether ever she could be swished away
amongst the green-white waves
whether she could just be
engulfed in the waves
or should she struggle?
should she fight for a weak life?
could she wage a battle against the strength of the sea?
she saw herself in a vision
of battling and swimming
she was sputtering and gasping
she couldn't move
the waves were too strong.
she was pulled to the murky depths of the sea
was that her rightful place?
what if she kept her warring speed?
what if she decided to keep on
till she reached the secure shore?
....what if she was no more by the time she reached the shore?

truly, madly, sincerely...crazy!!

I had the most awesome day ever.
I went over to my best friend's place...(lets just name her Shine for now) who lives...well kind of really really far away in Gurgaon. The distance wasn't really a issue for me, as I could take the metro. However I had to confirm with parents, and my grandmother. I meekly suggested to my granny that I could always take the metro so that she was free to use the car, she refused flatly.
We (the driver and I) reached Gurgaon within twenty minutes. The next problem was locating her house. I think I saw every other house except for hers. I started heartily wishing that Shine lived in B-267, which was a house we kept landing up at.
After a lot of wrong directions from the people as well as my darling Shine, my driver finally reached the house. I dont think he ever plans to venture there again.
I rang rather nervously at the gate, and the maid let me in. I ambled in wondering where to go next. There were two sets of staircases. I decided to take one. So I walked in rather tentatively. Just as I thought that I better shout out for Shine, she came rushing down as if she sensed my thoughts.
We started talking instantaneously, and Shine switched on the television. The worst Bollywood movies were playing, and for some reason best known to ourselves we decided to watch it. One movie seemed rather intriguing-out of nowhere the girl was turning up at the guy's house and making a move on him, and next thing the guy does is to knock her unconscious and send her to dry cleaners to save himself from his what-appeared-to-be-liberal mother. The other movie which was playing also seemed...well again intriguing. Here the hero was desperately trying for his wife to fall in love with him, unfortunately the wife was too caught up in her past to give a tuppence about the desolate hero. She then realized her love for him after he fought for her against his vicious family who had worn the most hideous make-up. And then everyone burst into a song and ran up the mountains.
Honestly, I nearly died laughing.
I loved each moment of the day as most of it went in splits of laughter which only the two of us knew why...and perhaps on the most random topics. I was initially meant to leave at 4, (parents martial orders)...well you know how we teenagers can be ;) i left an hour later after explaining one complicated love story from One Tree Hill.
it was one of the best days ever :D

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Trip to Maitree

So one drab day of us practically nodded off in class. No guesses required for this, it was the social formations class which could put even a tree to sleep. Various plans shot across such as 'lets go to City Cafe', or lets go to 'Brown Sugar". I was game for both, considering the fact that I was dying to miss my tutorial.
Devika and Ranjana couldn't come for either, because they had to go for their 'Leaders for Tomorrow' saga. It was an NGO which seemed to suck every ounce of free time from them. Devika mournfully said,
"We have to round up people for the NGO from Maitree College."
Anandi piped up,
"Oh, I will come with you! I have a friend to meet in Maitree!"
Like a hapless puppy, I jumped up at the opportunity to go out and miss the tutorial and I said,
"I'll come too!"
The four of us were about to cheerfully set off when we were accosted by URay and the looming tutorial. Luckily for us, the tutorial ended quickly and we all quickly dashed out before any other teachers could attack us for an extra class.
We decided to take the bus. Anandi had kittens when she heard about this idea, as she had once had a bad experience. We, like true comrades promised to protect her...or rather whatever was in our capacity. So we invaded the first bus which came by. I was pushed to the first free seat I saw, and the other three managed to get seats at the back.
From what I heard, a man with a burnt hand was in front of them, and was unfortunately dangling it in front of them. Anandi and Ranjana stared horrorstruck whereas Devika looked blissfully on. Anandi was confused. Here was a girl who normally freaked out about the most normal things, and now was complacent when faced with something frightening and gory. It turned out that Devika hadn't noticed. Anandi nudged Devika in that direction, and Devika had a million mini fits at once.
The bus ride ended in twenty minutes, and all of us got off relieved for different reasons. Just as all of were walking, Devika squealed in excitement and said,
"Oh look! There is an escalator in the middle of the road!"
All of us were truly fascinated by this. Being Devika and the paparazzi she was, she instantly clicked a picture of it.
After a long winding walk to look for the Maitree college, we finally found it. This walk was punctuated by Anandi's "I have to get back by 3" chant.
It turned out that Anandi's friend was not there, so we sat and watched Devika and Ranjana capturing innocent students from the college and 'inducting them into the NGO' in Devika's words. There were some interesting cases who ran off and really got under Ranjana's skin.
For every person they had to repeat themselves. So by the end of it, I learnt their speech by heart. During the last ten minutes, Anandi and I were busy clicking pictures.
Finally it was 2:45, and Anandi's fever about getting back by 3 rose to a peak. After arguing with a million autos, we finally got one...well as Anan had turned blue in the face. So for her sake, we paid eighty rupees when it should have been just sixty.
But anyway, I loved the day. it was one of the best college days ever :D

The Games that play us

Andy, leave that wound alone. As if I didn’t feel sick enough already, thanks to Mom’s cookies.” Soumya grumbled as Andy continued picking at a scab, which hadn’t healed yet.
Both the girls were sitting on the parapet and watching people below. They were having a riot throwing tiny pebbles down, and ducking everytime the person turned around.
It was a breezy day, or rather as Andy put it ‘washed’. The rain had come and washed the whole of scalding Delhi properly, and now a light breeze was blowing casually.
“I think it’s fun.” Andy said stubbornly and continued picking at the wound. Soumya rolled her eyes. Trust Andy to do what she was told exactly not to do.
Just then a jarring voice rang through,
“ANINDITA! Didn’t I tell you not to sit on the parapet? When will you ever listen to me?”
“Never!” Andy replied cheerfully. Soumya sighed in exasperation. Andy would never grow up. At the age of sixty, she would still be the same obstinate girl, who will insist on roller-skating and climbing trees, which was suicidal at that age.
Andy’s mother came on the verandah looking a trifle exasperated. She had very little blame to be sure, as her daughter was the most difficult and rebellious child she had ever come across. She had thought that Soumya would have a calming effect on her, but even Soumya had failed.
“Girls, why don’t you go out? It’s a lovely day, and’ll get into more trouble here if you stay longer.” Andy’s mother said tiredly.
“Fine, if you don’t want us around.” Andy said angrily.
“Good we straightened that out. And girls, please don’t talk to strangers.”
“As if we do that. Oh we might visit Old Cranky Artist.”
Her mother paled.
“Andy, no. He lives in a deserted little house. I forbid you. Understand me?”
Soumya intervened quickly and said,
“Auntie, don’t worry. We’ve never visited him before, I don’t see why we should now.”
“And don’t talk to strangers.” Andy’s mother said fiddling with her hankerchief.
“As if we do that.” Andy snapped.
“I’m not concerned about you. I feel sorry for the stranger.”

“Your mom’s funny!” said Soumya laughing as they walked through the crowded streets.
“From what angle? Now I have every intention of going and talking to strangers. Let’s see what happens then!” Andy said with the gleam in her eyes.
“You are so impossible, Andy. I still don’t understand why you are my best friend.”
“Yeah, and you are so cowardly. I don’t understand how you became my best friend!”
The girls were so engrossed in their bickering and quarrelling that they didn’t notice an old man shuffling along. They knocked right into him, and he fell on the ground breathing heavily.
Andy and Soumya ran to help him up. He stood up with difficulty, and picked up his oiled painting. He brushed it carefully, and grimaced at the children.
“You think you are funny eh? You can’t see where you are going eh?” he said stepping menacingly towards them.
Andy said defiantly,
“We are sorry we knocked into you. We didn’t mean to.”
The man grumbled some more. However, something else had caught hold of Andy’s attention. Her eyes fell on the painting. The painting was an elaborate affair. The colours, which Andy thought would never blend in, blended so perfectly, that it didn’t seem mismatched. There was a young boy sitting on the fence in the painting. The features were done so realistically, that Andy for the first time in her life felt a little frightened. She couldn’t understand how art could frighten her. After all, she had run away from rabid dogs, narrowly escaped being stung by a scorpion, and survived a car crash.
“It’s wonderful...” was all she could say.
The man’s anger vanished.
“You think so, do you?”
“I love the colours...and the features are drawn till the last detail.” Andy said in wonder.
Soumya stared astonished. She had never heard Andy talk like this.
“Thank you.” the man smiling more widely than ever.
“Can I come and see more of your paintings?” Andy asked rather nervously.
“Definitely. Come now itself. My maid has made some pudding, you can come and help me eat it.”
The old man bowed and walked away.
“What did you do?” Soumya hissed.
“What is it, Soumya? You don’t believe the rumors circulating about him, do you?” Andy said impatiently.
“Andy listen. He’s...been around a far too long.... time....if you get my drift.”
“You’re darn incoherent, that’s all I see.” Andy said curtly.
“Andy NO. Auntie said no going to his place. There’s something weird about him...his place...his art.... something very freakish....”Soumya started stammering.
“You and your absurd fairytales. I’m going.” Andy said irritated and walked off.
“Well, as I’m a good friend, and I care about you, I’m coming too.” Soumya said trying to sound braver than she felt.

They entered the house cautiously. The drawing room itself was stacked with paintings. Paintings of only people. Andy couldn’t help admiring them. At the same time, there was that queer fear. She couldn’t understand the importance of the maid, as the place was dusty and dirty and there were cobwebs hanging in each corner of the room.
“Well, isn’t this the brightest and the most cheerful place ever.” Soumya said sarcastically.
Just then, a shuffling was heard. The artist was hobbling through, with an excited smile on his face.
“Like them? They’re wonderful aren’t they?” he said smiling, that same gleeful smile.
Well, wasn’t he modest, thought Soumya drearily.
“Would you like me to paint one of you?” he said grinning, showing his yellowing teeth.
“Paint Soumya, she’ll look so pretty in your paintings. She’s got a better face cut than I have.” Andy said excitedly.
“No-n-no...” said Soumya nervously.
He smiled even more. He took Soumya by the hand and said comfortingly,
“I’ll have a wonderful painting. Come into the studio.”
Soumya threw an anguished glance at Andy who was too excited to notice. The studio room closed.
Four hours passed.
Andy was not a paragon of virtue and patience, by any means. She was rather irritated. Why do paintings take so long? There was such silence in the house, it was unnerving.

Deafening silence.

She decided to barge in. She pressed the door handle, and pushed the door open. The painting was done and ready. However the artist was snoring...and Soumya was nowhere to be seen.

Andy looked carefully at the painting. There was Soumya sitting on the couch....with a terrified expression on her face. She looked paralyzed with fear.
Intense and incapacitating fear clutched Andy’s heart. She then shook her head. She was being stupid. But the fear didn’t vanish.

Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She whipped around and saw the artist smiling sweetly at her.

“It’s good, isn’t it?”
“Yes it is...where is Soumya?” Andy asked quickly.
“She left obviously.”
“No she didn’t.” Andy said, anger and fear rising to her throat.
The Artist shook his head and said,
“She is in the painting, dear. She makes a wonderful painting, doesn’t she?”
The rumors exploded in Andy’s head.
“What have you done?” Andy whispered.

The Artist laughed and said,

“What makes my art beautiful? Reality. Reality is the essence of a work of art. Mine, that is. I paint people into my art. It gives me the utmost is my life. And I mean it in the literal sense. The people in my painting....well....their life is channeled into me. I thrive on it. I only paint pictures of the youth. And that’s how I have thrived for two hundred years. I thrive on it. I thrive on it. I need art to survive. And you innocently brought your friend along. I was fading slowly.... like a plant without water.... like a dog without food.... and you brought her along.... and I was revived....” he continued on this in mad ecstasy.

Andy was frozen with fear. She had led her only best friend into the most devious enchantment of all time. Her defiance and rebellion had paid off.

“I...can’t get her back....can I?” Andy said brokenly.

“No. do paintings become life? becomes a painting. Go now, child. I thank you....I thank you...for my life....”

“Where is she? Where is she?” Soumya’s mother said getting into frenzy.
Andy couldn’t speak.
“Anindita, I told you. I TOLD YOU.” was all Andy’s mother could say.
Soumya’s father came in and said rather hollowly,
“The man’s left. He...left us this painting.”
Soumya’s mother walked up to the painting and held it tightly, with tears streaming down her face. She then shot Andy a look of pure hatred, and pain.

Andy never forgot that look. It was the only thing which haunted her more than the painting.

Weird beginnings...

I've been so inspired by all my friends blogging, that I thought that I might as well try to. I mean, despite the fact that I am terribly lazy when it comes to everyday routines....luckily this won't be everyday. I don't know that either. See there. I am utterly confused and most of the time I can't sort my thoughts out. I do that better when I write....I think.
So as an introduction....(I might as well have turned you off completely with my weird beginning) I love reading, writing, watching movies, (i'm mostly a bollywood fan) talking to my friends for hours on the phone, that is if i am relaxing on vacation. I am absolutely in love with Harry Potter books, and Ron Weaseley is the first and only book character who i have fallen head over heels in love with. If anyone thinks Edward Cullen, oh god you've made the worst mistake of your life.
I love One Tree hill Season 1-4, and i think soap operas should stop after 4 seasons. how many more women and men can you drag in to ruin a marriage? And how many times will you keep making divorce papers or annulement papers?
I get obsessed easily with a lot of things. One of them being FRIENDS. I adore that show, and i can watch the same episode a million times without getting bored.
And I talk a lot. My friends are amazing for tolerating it :D
so I guess this is enough for the first entry.