Friday, August 27, 2010

words to a future daughter :D

Dearest daughter.
YAYY you have to be 18 to read this. And trust me, when you turn 18, I'll be the first to force you to read this.
I am writing this out of inspiration... So here are some things I want YOU to know, and I will try to be as organized as possible. And as you would know, I'm terribly disorganized and scatterbrained. I hope I'm slightly better at expressing myself at the time...when you read this.
Well...I don't want you to be a hard cynic, neither do I want you to be an unrealistic I was. Life isn't as terrible, and full of hardships as made out to be...but it isn't the garden of roses you should expect either.
Take each day as it comes, live each day to the fullest. From experience I can tell you, there will be people who will love you more than anything else...there will be people who won't...and there will be those who will be your friend, and just might drop you on the way as they would replace you with someone else. The last two should not make you bitter and resentful to every relationship that comes your way. I'm telling you...being bitter and angry will get you nowhere.
Though, don't take things lying down. If people hurt you or try to suppress you, fight back. Don't be a doormat...I did on many occasions. Don't do that. I repented dearly for it, and I don't want you to go through the same. And please don't apologize for things which are not your fault. I'm saying this from cold experience, where I've believed I'm at fault...and then I analyzed and understood much later.
Cherish your friendships. It takes a long time to get good, solid friends. And there are some such beautiful friendships which will be with you forever. The best friendships sometimes don't come into your life with pomp and blare. They reveal themselves in nicest ways. It takes time, true. But it's all worth it.
Have confidence, believe in yourself. Judge for yourself..who will be there for you, and who won't.
And please work hard at math. I was a disaster at it, and I would love to show off that my daughter is a topper at it.
Make the most of your talents, and I'm sure they will be in abundance.
You will never be alone, I promise you. I'll be there :)
And don't smoke. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. So you better not. It's terrible for your health.
And please learn the recipe of how to make chocolate brownies from your grandmother.
And I want you to read. Read, read, read. The world of books is wonderful. You can travel all over the world by sitting in just one place and reading a book. Please avoid Meg Cabots if you can.
Dream, and dream, and turn those dreams into reality. And if they do crash, don't be brokenhearted. The strongest person is the one to rise and dream again, and make the dream a living dream.
I know you will :-)
lots of love,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


when fury blazes through your veins
the warm blood gushes through you
the idea of being cheated, and let down again
makes your fingers curl
what sort of madness is this?
to fall for the same traps yet again?
the craze of anger, the delusion of trust
the clear haze of hypocrisy
again. and again.
a sprayed illusion of guilt
thrown back upon you?
its a fury daze.
you live through it.
you feel the fury pulsing through your veins.
and yet nothing can be done.
just burn and suffocate in it.
the fault of believing.
the fault of being gullible.
the fault of being prey.
it smears you.
and you let it smear you.
you let it.
is the realization too late?
how long can the bitterness survive?
no, no.
harder done than said. let it go.
let go of things that never existed.
stop clinging to fistfuls of just plain air.
the fury has to be extinguished.
revenge should not be taken.
for revenge hurts no one more than the one who tries to inflict it.

lessons not yet learnt?
is it not time?
has the world not tested you enough?

-wash out.
douse your fury.
even at the point of the reddest flames, your fury won't be noticed.

so pray, tarry. be cautioned.

yeaaah well I just wrote this in a fit of anger and temper :p please don't worry :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010


the previous story was written for my best friend for her bday =)
so this post is more or less a dedication to her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The brighter side of life

As the last month has been hectic, hot, humid-in short the worst month of 2010 in every respect, i decided to write somethings which makes me happy, so when I feel cranky and wonky and miserable, I'll remember this and be happy again :D

sunshine, chocolates, lindt, photo frames, cocoberry, Metro stations, paintings, disney, One Tree Hill, James Lafferty, BOOKS, blue, purple, green. yellow umbrellas, momos, long walks in backlawns, laughs, laughs and more laughs, mad over doughnuts, chocolate truffles, dilli hart, bangles, butter chicken, stories, family, rain, echo lodge, imaginary worlds, babies, football, Kaka, hindi serials, Ben Mckenzie, Creative Writing society, smiles, butterflies, dangling earrings, LSR, nescafe visits, brown sugar, winter concerts, auditions, Hakuna Matata, Lion king, waking up to messages and missed calls, random conversations, scribbling in classes, chuckles, chalk fights, water fights.

this is a part of it. :D and even when things are terrible, these keep me going. :)