Thursday, October 27, 2011

Literally-historic diwali!

thats the summary of my day- a new blogpost coming soon about how beautiful the day was!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The little dove.

I have a dove.
it's a good comrade.
It sits next to me and whispers with its eyes.
Its peaceful, and simple.
I feel happy and secure.
It looks slowly in another direction.
I smile. I love the dove.
It suddenly tries to fly.
I hold on, tightly. Afraid to let go.
A sudden fear.
the dove looks reproachfully at me.
I loosen my hold.
I let it go.
and it flies away into the sky.
I look at it, and try to smile.
It swoops near me. And then it vanishes in a blur.
It comes and goes as if to give me comfort.
And now its just a haze.

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes was always yours."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Durga Puja-expedition!

This year literally is my year of firsts. Be it Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, or Durga Puja! I expect to celebrate Christmas in true style too.
So I set off for the Pujas today, and practically looked at the day through Bengali eyes. There was actually a ten percent of me which wished I could be a Bengali. Only ten percent. :D
We visited three Pandals, all in CR Park, which surprisingly seemed within short walking distance of each other. And, by this time you might have guessed I am not much of the physical fitness type. But nevertheless I think I ploughed on decently, till the third pandal. By the third pandal, I was huffing and puffing.
Each Pandal was beautifully and lavishly decorated, and I really appreciated how beautifully everyone was dressed. When I heard the comparisons between Durga Puja in Calcutta, and in Delhi, I suddenly wished I could see what Calcutta was like at this time of the year. I gradually learnt more about the Gods as I visited each Pandal, and I underwent the ritual of Pushpanjali thrice.
There were so many things to observe, and I felt as I was part of an entirely different world altogether. Not to mention, I loved hearing people speaking in Bengali. I think I'm a wannabe Bengali :/
We stood in a long line for the food (there is a specific name I am not sure how to spell, so I won't dare try). I usually detest standing in lines, and I'm the first to stamp my feet and groan. However, for once (and luckily for my friends) I didn't mind at all, and kept myself entertained by watching people on the stage, and listening to the announcer who seemed obsessed with making sure no one dirtied the chairs.
The food was quite good, and I felt rather stuffed. I had already eaten prasad from the other two pandals. Yet amazingly, that did not stop me from devouring magnificently made fish. When it comes to fish, or rather any non-veg, I don't think I draw any lines!
I enjoyed the day so thoroughly, despite the fact that by the time we left the third Pandal, I was dead on my feet. I even ate a Chuski, something I've eaten only once in my life. I finished it off like an ice cream, and tried to palm it off to my friends to finish off the water, as I was already choking. Nevertheless, I made it half-way through!!!
To say the least, I think I'm going to go again next year. I loved everything about the day!

Faces and Voices

She looks around
She sees a whirl of familiar faces
They whirl around her in a blurred haze.
They whisper
But she can’t hear them.
She is too drained.
She can’t understand.
She closes her eyes.
She can hear them.
She knows a few tones.
Some distressed, some angry
Some indifferent, some commanding
Some soothing, yet not so soothing
Some brutally attack her for sins which she had not committed.
The whispers become loud voices which come crashing down upon her
They now are in complaining tones
upset, and worrying her.
But she doesn’t know what to say.
Her anxiety rises.
But she tries to keep a calm stance.
For them, she tells herself sternly.
But her voice is lost amidst their voices.
her words of comfort, wasted.
The voices never ask how she is.
The voices don’t know the unsteadiness she feels.
The faces vanish.
The voices stop abruptly.
Its quiet.
Its all dark now.
She can’t stop them from breaking
When she herself is breaking.