Thursday, February 16, 2012


I was blissfully unaware till 11:00 that Delhi was going to have a 'mock drill' for an earthquake or any disaster in every institution. Apparently, a bell was supposed to sound and everyone was expected to rush down 'a safe route'.
So we were sitting in class, and then a mild bell sounded. I frankly wouldn't have noticed the difference between that bell and the normal bell which sounds to end our classes. We tried pretending to panic, but that didn't happen. So we walked rather..casually down the stairs along with the rest of the college who seemed pretty cool with the idea of a 'mock fire' in the college. As we reached the certified 'cement area', we were told to hurry and look more serious. We rushed along again trying our very best to look as if we were in a terrible situation. And then we found everyone settling themselves down on the lawns and relaxing.
My girls and I stood in one corner and hollered Sound of Music songs at the top of our voices. We are pretty perfect to have around in a disaster, don't you think? We sang, while our teachers around us tried to hide their amusement. Somewhat of a disaster management radio. Our teachers shook their heads at us :P
So anyway...unfortunately we assumed for ourselves that time was up. So we coolly walked back inside the building, where the caretakers looked terrified. I suppose they had been trained to look terrified. Anyway they shooed us out, and on our way out we saw a man having a mock-injury. For the first ten minutes, I actually believed it was a serious injury, and then I realized that was also a training session. Ugh, oh god.
So we sat in the lawns, missed our classes, and took photographs as usual. What else to do? It was such a colossal waste of time!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantasy Lunch :p

So. One day, in a parallel universe, or maybe faraway day in this universe, if I could have a lunch with my favourite celebrities- these are the ones I'll call. (Fictional and dead, animated included)
-Johnny Depp
-Beck Mckenzie
-James Lafferty
-Flynn Rider
-Leonardo Dicaprio
-Halle Berry
- Hrithik Roshan
-Aamir Khan
- Chad Michael Murray
-Robert Downey Jr.
-Jude Law
-Matthew Perry
-Tom Felton
-Rupert Grint
-Rani Mukherjee. (Mock away!)
-Orlando Bloom
-Gerard Butler
-Audrey Hepburn. Sigh :'(
-Goldie Hawn
-Lawrence Olivier
-Gregory Peck
-Clark Gable
-Rhett Butler
-Vivian Leigh
-Julia Roberts
-Maan Singh Khurana
-Adam Brody
-Ian Somerhalder
-Paul Wesley
-Hugh Grant
-Ryan Reynolds
-Ryan Gosling
-Clint Eastwood.
-Sterling Knight
-Darren Chris
-Jennifer Aniston
-Rex Harrison
-Tom cruise
-Keanu Reeves
-Cobie Smolders
-Mark Ruffalo

For now. Yes. <3 :')
I'll probably expire from so much ecstasy.