Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The leaves are rustling
the wind has driven them away.
Don't you enjoy this weather, James?
It is beautiful, yes indeed Ella.
I feel lost and cold in this darkness, James.
Not to worry, Ella.
but James- the monsters of my nightmares have come at last.
Scare them away, like you always used to.
I see them- they are far more fearsome
they're taking over.
James, why don't you say something?
what can I say, Ella?
Maybe you can tell me
your thoughts
your ideas
your feelings
are we friends at all, James?
Yes, we are, Ella.
Then why this silence?
why this painful effort to speak?
why this monosyllabic tension?
I don't know, Ella.
Our friendship is forbidden.
I don't want to lose our friendship, James.
It came like a brilliant light
in my hour of forsakeneness.
and now it's something I hold on dearly to.
I cherish.
I am not meant to be here with you.
lets not talk, Ella.
Why, James?
Why are you friends at all with me?
Why did you make me feel special in the first place?
if our friendship is forbidden?
you can't leave me here, now!
Fate has twisted Destiny, Ella.
friendship is a pale word.
It will wring hearts
and ruin relationships
it will burn out the ashes
I don't know why i thought otherwise!
and again the shaky world shall be deconstructed.
Then why did you come into my life?
What was your purpose?
Had I believed wrong notions of friendship?
false promises, false hopes? Just to be taken away?
I wish I could despise you, James.
I wish we weren't friends.
i wish you had left me in that state you had found me in.
i wish you had never come into my life.
you made me hope, believe...again.
and you take it back.
I wish I had never met you, James.
You don't wish it more than I do, Ella.