Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I saw Break Ke Baad.

So I watched Break ke Baad.
Did I like it?
How do I answer that question?
Here's what I could have done in those two hours.
-Water plants
-watch grass die.
-watch the guard and driver play cricket.
-Take out my Modwest textbook from my bag, consider studying it and then put it back.
-Visit the dentist, considering I'm five months late for my appointment.
-Give Phoebe a bath.
-Learn the recipe for my grandmother brilliant apple pie.
-cleaned up my desk.
-changed the batteries of my clocks which had been showing the wrong time for the last 10 months.
and many more.

I had heard mixed reviews about this movie. And they varied from ' Oh it was really amazing!' to 'Bleh. What a bore.' The second opinion seems to be closer to my opinion.
I died twice while watching the film.
Besides the ending seemed a tad confused. Suppose Aaliya hadn't realized her love for him, and didn't come back, then what would have been the point of the lavish decorations and the silk sherwani and the wedding card?
He would have looked rather sheepish then.
Again, Imran Khan makes me sad. I thought that after his previous washout of I hate Luv stories, there would be something nice about Break ke Baad.
The funny point of the film was when Lillette Dubey entered, and I screamed, "HAHA, I'VE MET YOU IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!"
I love those rare occasions when I've seen people in films AND in real life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gym washout. (literally!)

How do people manage to look so pretty and well-preserved after an hour of intense working out?
Here's my timeline:
6:45- Here I am, all enthusiastic and gung-ho. Start with treadmill.

7:00- My hair becomes slightly well...pouffy for lack of a better word. Beads of sweat under the eyes which makes my kajal spread and give it the racoon look. Next, stupid jumping exercises.

7:10- My hair comes undone, and becomes extremely frizzy. Hands turn pink.

7:30- after gruelling floor exercises, I can barely stand. Huffing and puffing.

7:35- I start planning my escape.

7:40- Ive planned my escape.

7:45- Being the stamina-less person I am, I croak to my trainer I can't do more, and hobble to the door. I turn back and see well-preserved comrades. The hair is in place, and they don't seem as if they've walked through a tornado.

Though once, I met a person who was so skinny that she could walk through bars in the gym. Not known for diplomacy, I asked, "How come you're here?"
And she replied, "My hands are fat."
See, people like this should walk with paper bags on their heads.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glutton of a college cat.

So I was sitting at the table with my friends, eating butter chicken. I saw the Cat walk slowly across the cafe, looking rather sourly at my food.
It's a little hard to eat, when there is a cat sitting and mournfully staring at you.
So we tried hurrying through our food.
With every bite, the cat seemed to edge closer to the table.
In it's weird feline instincts, it knew that our meal was drawing to a close. It couldn't let that happen.
It edged closer.
It perched on the bench.
Anandi and Devika detested cats. More than they detested assignments and projects, and long hot summer afternoons which stretched throughout the day.
I usually loved cats. But not cats which posed a threat to my food.
Then Anon said, "Okay, Lakshana take the last bite!"
I just had put the fork into the curry when the wretched cat pounced and took the last bite and walked off with it's haughty tail in the air.
Probably to gloat with the other cats.
That's still hasn't changed my love for cats, though :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sugar rush!!!!!!

am learning the recipe of blueberry cheesecake! Wheeeee!!!!

Pale confusion

you leave me confused.
a pale confusion sets upon me.
i feel baffled
by your dual personality
either i'm your special loved one
or either i'm the preferred ignored
you draw me close
just to push me further away
you remain a dark mystery
yet i feel as if I understand you
i set about to understand why you say and do the things you do
why is there this misty aura around you?
why is nothing clear and simple?
layers, and layers
twisted and shaken apart
truth from lies
yet no lies.
why can't I push you away?
as easily as you can?
why is this friendship fraught
with bewilderment?
you leave me thinking unclear thoughts
you leave me in a blurred haze
is this friendship a blessing or a strain?
in time i feel soothed by it
rest I feel peevish
tension it is
covered by a false transparency of sweetness
I still picture you as I always did.
at times i feel it's all slipping through my fingers
you turn and alter my perception within minutes
yet just to bring it back to the same point...again within minutes.
I can't understand
perhaps I shall never.
you leave me at sea.