Sunday, April 6, 2014


Oh there he was. Standing against the door, arms loosely by his side.
He was in the middle of a conversation, with some people she didn't know.
She smiled to herself. By the look of it, neither did he. She knew that expression of his so well. That expression of nodding and desperately trying to keep the conversation going.
She was nervous. She wanted to go up to him and say hello.
But it had been too long.
She put one foot forward. Her anklet made a clinking sound.
Should she?
She shouldn't. His friends had come.
Friends she had never known, she had never been introduced to, but friends she knew intimately through his stories.
She took a few steps, her anklets jingling.
What should she say?
A tap on the shoulder? How should she greet him? Be casual, with their normal hugs? No, his friends were there. He might not like it, if she did that.
And it had been too long.
He looked happy. She was happy about that.
She wasn't going to admit that she was slightly resentful. Did he even think about her?
She shook her head and smiled. Over thinking, over thinking. He had always said that was one of her problems. 
She was close now. 
And then she...came. She, beautiful, and graceful, with a fair complexion, which she heartily envied.  Stood next to him, and said some things which made him laugh. Someone who could be introduced to his friends. 
His eyes suddenly seemed full of joy when she was near. 
She smiled a little. 
She remembered him laughing.
But not at what she had said.
Those few seconds seemed like eternity. 
They hadn't seen her yet.
Oh, if only her anklets didn't make such a noise. She hoped that he would turn in her direction.
But he didn't. He was too busy and involved now. 
And she was keeping him engaged in a conversation. She heard bits of it. They were nostalgic about old times and memories. Memories which she had no place in. Something about beaches...a holiday to inside joke about a restaurant which was making everyone laugh. 
She didn't want to hear much more. 
She ran, the tinkling of her anklets couldn't be heard now, in the crowds. 
He heard the anklets.
He turned immediately. 
But she was gone. 
His eyes burned.