Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It was unbearable and hot.
The sun shone down mercilessly. She walked on, in what seemed like a desert.
There seemed to be no end.
It became even more uncomfortable and suffocating. The weather finally beat her to her knees.
She sat on what seemed like hot sand. She begged for some cold relief.
There was clearly no sign of rain.
It was getting harder to keep focus, and she was tired now.
She didn't think she could walk much more.
She lay down, unable to take it. Maybe this was how it should be, she thought. She didn't have the strength to get up anymore. The sun had won.
She felt a gentle drop on her head. She shook her head wearily.
It was just her imagination.
She felt another drop.
She lifted her head and looked at the sun.
Except there was no sun now.
There was rain finally. It was coming in small drops.
She hardly dared to believe it.
After this long spell, it was unbelievable. She put out her hand to make sure. She smiled nervously, as another drop pricked her gently.
It was real.
The rain drops touched her hand, slowly giving her energy again. She was still not sure whether it was a figment of imagination.
And the rain came gushing down. She was soaked, but she was happy. She felt alive, once again.
For a few seconds, she stood still. Taking it all in. She felt refreshed, and she felt overjoyed. This wasn't a trick, this was real.
The rains turned into thunder storms.  Lightening streaked the skies. She held her ears. It terrified her, and she almost screamed. Her scream was lost in the rains. She clenched her eyes shut, and wondered why this was happening to her. She decided to fight back and was determined not to be pushed down again.
 And then her eyes sprang open. To her surprise, there was no cruel sun. There was no rain. It was pleasant, and windy. There was no hot sand. Just calm and cool grass under her feet. Just as she always liked it. All was well.
She laughed. Nature hadn't played tricks on her. Her mind had.