Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perverse Umbrellas!

Who would have thought an umbrella would turn upside down IN THE HEAT?
Well mine did. My parents still don't believe that it happened.
So, I had to go to N block market for an errand. As it was terribly hot and uncomfortable, I grabbed the biggest and brightest (and perhaps most embarassing) umbrella and marched off into the heat.
I was perhaps the most distinct and noticeable, and I might have been stopped traffic owing to the colours on the umbrella.
As I was walking, a strong wind blew. I was thrilled. I don't deny, I'm quite the eccentric. I love feeling as if I'm about to fly away with an umbrella. So there I was, walking and humming to myself, enjoying the I-am-going-to-fly-away-feeling, which invariably happens in every Enid Blyton story.
Well, clearly that's now how it turned out.
As I paraded through the market, the hot wind blew stronger than before. And this time it was a little too strong.  Before I knew what was happening, the umbrella turned upwards.
The people in N block had never witnessed something like this before. The few people who were wandering around morosely found a chance for entertainment.
The wind became even more merciless, and the umbrella refused to straighten out. I couldn't carry it above my head anymore, and kept it in front of me, not too differently from a machine gun.
I walked with my machine gun umbrella, getting over my mortification. A child looked rather frightened, while her mother seemed perplexed.
I didn't mind then :P I started enjoying the attention. So it turned out to be an Enid Blyton incident gone rather wonky.
It's mystifying how this umbrella turned upwards. My father says it's survived the storms of Shimla, and other battles.
I really have the destructive touch dont I :D 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My experiments with fried rice!

I don't know what I did.
I just know I enjoyed making it, and I liked it very much...question is whether I should give it to anyone else too eat.
This is what happens when you watch so much masterchef...which is a million times better, obviously. They make exotic cheesecakes, and chicken what-do-you-call its. So masterchef India and Australia both inspired me to try cooking.
Besides my friend had once given me elaborate instructions once. I was trying to reconstruct from memory.
As I don't remember what I did, there'll be lots of question marks as I have no idea what I did first.
I put onions on the pan...then heated it? Then I think put some carrots? Or was that after I dumped some rice on the frying pan? Yes, that was after I did so. Then I put tomato sauce on it. And mixed it properly.
Then I kept it on the fire for a few seconds.
Then of course I went and fried some chicken nuggets to go with the rice, which is a terribly strange combination.
So much for watching Nigella Lawson and Masterchef.
But loved the result, anyway. Finished too quickly :( or maybe I was too hungry!
My next attempt to make tea. I tried, failed. sadly. London kitchenette people should probably be aware of the disaster thats coming their way!