Friday, September 27, 2013


"Mads, come and join us?"
There was a party going on, to celebrate the end of term exams. In honour, one cake was sitting on the table.
"I will! In a bit. Let me just finish reading this book." she called out.
She was sitting on the couch, engrossed in her book. She could always block out noise whenever she wanted to, especially if it was the case of an interesting book.
The book was exciting, and thrilling. She had developed a real love for gory stories lately, much to the distaste of her friends.
"Honestly, another crime novel?"
"This one's better than the other!" she exclaimed.
"It's a defense mechanism." her friend said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear it.
She ignored it, and continued reading. Sameer and his analyzing.
"Well, come before the cake runs out."
"Oh, you know me. I always make it in time for cake." she said brightly.
He looked at her in a strange way. Almost pityingly. As if he could see through the thinly veiled shadow of cheerfulness.
Music blared on, but she was in her own world.
Till one song played.
A song she hadn't heard in a while. She had heard it just once.
It was a song...he had once suggested. She had heard it once obligingly, and then he hummed it occasionally. She hadn't heard it after that one time.
Yet the moment the music started, she recognized it.
As if she listened to it all the time.
The song made her close the book. She felt a sudden weakness, and a need for fresh air. Nina looked at her concerned and said,
"You okay there, Mads?"
"Yeah, am okay."
She felt a little stunned at herself. There was practically nothing in the song, it wasn't meaningful, it had absurd lyrics and strange rapping. It wasn't even a beautiful love song which should upset her so much.
Yet it did.
Her hands shook.
Her eyes seared, and she put the book aside. She could suddenly hear the humming in her head. Memories suddenly surged. Not bad ones, no...good ones, beautiful memories.
Yet it's the best memories of a non-existent time which can ruin a day.
"I don't like this song, thats all." she muttered to Sameer.
He switched off the song immediately. He put on her favourite Lady Gaga song, a song which she refused to admit was her favourite, but everyone knew anyway. She burst out laughing.
The uneasiness went away.
She could breathe easily again.
The moment had passed.
"I think it's because I haven't eaten cake." she said with a little sigh and laughed again.